Today we celebrate one month of ur444 Studios, and what a month it has been!

We had two opening nights, one workshop and sixteen photoshoots!

Here are some of the images created in our first month!

First opening night
Aurora by Ted Maddock 📷
Reyna Walker by Bruno Domingues: Working in a Studio Workshop 📷
Zoe Edmonson by Bruno Domingues 📷
Zoe Edmonson & Taylah Russell by Bruno Domingues 📷
Hannah Aisling, Zoe Edmonson, Angel White and Kevin Colman by Bruno Domingues 📷
Second opening night 📷
Scarlet Bow by Bruno Domingues 📷
Montana by Michael Arenson 📷
Isabella Jones by Bruno Domingues 📷
Taylah Russel by Michael Powell 📷
Kiarni Cosh for Corin Cosh by Bruno Domingues (test run for Makeup Workshop for Photographers) 📷
Friends by Gavin Goeldner 📷
Jingy by Tim Dillner
Jingy by Matahari Sumadi
Anne Duffy by Bruce McDonald 📷
Heaven Arici by Steve Bissett 📷
Heaven Arici by Will Shepley 📷
Adriana by Michael Arenson 📷